Hi! I’m Kat and I created the CraftingGlow website as a place for inspirational people to share knowledge and heartfelt stories in order to entertain and motivate those who need a little encouragement.

I’m from a family with a lot of quirks, talents, and team spirit. My brother, mom, and I have all considered writing a book. That’s only a few of the creative people who’s art might appear here.

We all have stories we feel compelled to share. Ours are mostly about having a fulfilled and happy life while struggling to over-come mental illness, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, money shortages, chronic conditions, and just the plain old craziness life throws at you.

CraftingGlow is about making the best of life. We all are blessed with our fair share of gifts and we have issues that make life challenging.

Doesn’t everyone need a supportive space to tell stories, share designs, and play with colors? I find that if you have a community and you are excited to share your projects, it motivates you to start crafting and sometimes even finish those UFOs! (Unfinished Objects)

My dream is to have a community of supportive crafters of all types. We enjoy watching different types of arts and crafts and getting inspired. All “family friendly” arts and crafts are welcome here.

We invite you to join our mailing list and connect via social media. We look forward to hearing about your story, projects, and processes too.

CraftingGlow Features Fun!

Craft is a skilled creation made by hand. I chose craft because all kinds of crafts are amazing and fun to talk about.

The reason I chose Glow is because creation has a healing effect and boosts self-confidence.

Arts and crafts are important! Crafting is calming and brings long-lasting enjoyment.

CraftingGlow is a place for celebrating the many ways we can craft a better life.

If you are an enthusiastic and crafty individual who would like to share their creative side with a supportive and fun group…

Click Here to join the CraftingGlow Community

No perfection needed! We are about going with the flow and enjoying the process!

Reasons to Craft

  • Learn a New Skill
  • Repetitive Motion is Relaxing
  • It Teaches Problem-Solving
  • Crafting Improves Self-Esteem
  • Personalizing Items is Fun
  • Give One of a Kind Gifts
  • Create Home and Holiday Decor
  • Create Food Masterpieces
  • Connect with Friends and Family
  • Or Enjoy Crafts Alone
  • Explore Painful Emotions
  • Express Difficult Feelings
  • Enjoy Being a Teacher and a Student
  • Play and Explore with Technique and Color
  • Capture a Beautiful Moment
  • Create Community
  • Tell a Story
  • Freeze a Moment in Time
  • Capture a Feeling


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She has been very professional and always on time with the orders I have placed.

Nick Trione

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